Hand Puppet: Maluwa


Maluwa is the Sinhalese word for fish. This Maluwa is our no-waste mascot and was designed to reduce the fabric waste at Booteek. This hand puppet is made using silk scraps that are too small to be used on their own. As a result, each fish is one of a kind and it is the best friend you can have. Booteek is a big believer in the positive role puppet play has on child development. Stimulating imagination, puppets can definitely bring even more fun to a child’s everyday play.


1 in stock (can be backordered)


Raw Silk scraps accessorized with Felt
Filled with Polyfill
Measures length 15″ and width 5″
Comfortably fits an adult or child’s hand

This product is handmade using scraps easily available to us. As a result, the puppet can vary slightly from what is pictured.